29 Feb 16
19 Aug 16

A decentralised cloud computing

ICObazaar: 3.6
31 May 17
03 Jun 17

Free and easy way to store and manage your health information and get the best answer to any healthcare question

ICObazaar: 3.6

SPINDLE is the official utility token to be used on the blockchain-based investment / asset management platform S.

ICObench: 3.6
 DAV logo

DAV is a software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market.

ICObench: 3.2 | ICObazaar: 4.0
15 Dec 17
25 Jan 18

Project combines garbage recycling factory which generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that works on that electricity.

ICObazaar: 3.6
 AgriChain logo

BlockGrain has launched Australia’s first agricultural token sale.

ICObench: 3.5
 VolAir logo

VolAir is bringing private jet charters & luxury lifestyle to the people.Restrictions

ICObench: 3.5
 Sentinel Protocol logo

Sentinel Protocol is a crowdsourced threat intelligence platform to protect you against hacks, scams, or frauds.

ICObench: 3.5

BoutsPro - Transforming Traditional Karate to Professional Karate. Building platform for 190 million Karate Community.

ICObench: 3.5
24 Feb 18
24 Apr 18

Decentralized Fundraising Platform & A.D.E.N. consensus breakthrough

ICObazaar: 3.5
 GRAFT Blockchain logo

A first global, open sourced, payment gateway blockchain network designed for Point-of-Sale.

ICObench: 3.5
 LaborCrypto logo

The global freelance peer to peer ecosystem that shares revenue.Restrictions

ICObench: 3.5
 GYM Ledger logo

Specially built to support the GYM Rewards app and to protect your crypto assets.Restrictions

ICObench: 3.5
 Marginless logo

Marginless is revolutionizing betting platform. Face to face betting, industry-leading lowest margins in the market, unique markets and much more.

ICObench: 3.5
 Lendingblock logo

The first securities lending platform for the crypto economy

ICObench: 3.2 | ICObazaar: 3.8
Fund Yourself Now logo

The cryptocurrency crowdfunding market has grown explosively over the past few years, reaching 200 million in 2016. FundYourselfNow is a simple platform to...

ICObench: 4.0 | ICObazaar: 3.0
 TaTaTu logo

The TaTaTu Platform will be a fair and transparent social media and entertainment blockchain-powered platform.Restrictions

ICObench: 3.5
 LemoChain logo

LemoChain is a decentralized, open source platform for companies of all sizes to monetize and exchange their structured business data.

ICObench: 3.5 logo is the world’s first distributed ledger platform for participation in capital financing of the $1.5 trillion assets market.

ICObench: 2.8 | ICObazaar: 4.2
25 Nov 16
25 Dec 16

A decentralized CDN (content delivery network) trading market

ICObazaar: 3.4