Fan Controlled Football League

20 Mar 18
31 Mar 18

The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is a video game brought to life. Using our app, fans from across the globe can livestream our games and vote on play calls in real time. Fans will also participate in an expansion draft to build the rosters, hire (and fire) coaches, vote on team logos and colors, scout opponents, and more. It sounds crazy, but we actually already built a successful prototype: the FCFL founders purchased a team in the Indoor Football League, allowed fans to call every play, and wound up with the third leading offense in the 2017 season while competing against veteran players and coaches. To ensure transparency in all voting decisions, the league is built on top of the blockchain via an ERC20-compatible Smart Token called FAN Token. These FAN Tokens are the fuel that drives all engagement: the more you engage with the the platform and succeed (for example: you pick a play that winds up scoring a touchdown), the more FAN Token you will be awarded. The more FAN Token you earn, the greater weight is placed on your vote: a true meritocracy. FAN Tokens can also be used for a variety of things on the FCFL platform, including purchasing merchandise, gaining exclusive access to content or live games, and even enhanced play-calling power. The FCFL offers fans a chance to demonstrate their football aptitude and manage a real team alongside thousands of other fans, and the highest performing fans will even share in the $1,000,000+ championship purse at the end of the season!


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