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Achievements Launched in 2016 35 Team members 200,000 app users 1,200,000€ revenues 2017 Integrated Buyback model (with 30% of the revenue) Encouraging token scarcity model Philosophy Friendz decentralizes the online marketing industry, elevating the final user to a central position, where he can monetize its contribution to the digital advertising process leveraging blockchain technology. Unlike famous influencers, users generally do not get rewarded through the advertising process, even if they contribute with sharing brands’ posts on social networks and interacting with companies official pages. Friendz let users monetize their actions online in a decentralised and democratic way, depending on their skills and influence. The idea Friendz was born at the end of 2015 with the idea of finding a solution to a problem that companies faces in doing digital advertising, that is reaching and engaging their target audience in the communication and sharing of the companies values and message. Friendz infrastructure can control and manage a huge number of contents published, reducing costs for companies and providing strong efficiency. InnovationFriendz introduced a revolutionary marketing concept, leveraging the peer-to-peer communication on social networks and the power of word of mouth. Friendz users are not influencers with a big audience, but normal people that use social networks everyday. The size of the audience reached is the same, but consists of the close connections of thousands of micro influencers. In this way, the advertising message shared on their profile reaches their friends in a genuine and natural way and is much more effective.


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