30 Mar 18
30 May 18

About Ethereum MoneroThe ecosystem consists of a token called EXMR which is fast, highly secure and private.Transactions can be conducted in our native token or with hundreds of other tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, EXMR, Dogecoin, XRP and so forth.It is very important to note that EXMR's payment system called Getcryptopayments is the first platform to accept payments in a wide range of altcoins.EXMR is currently in the ICO stage, which will end May 30th.We sold out nearly 10% of the tokens within the first two days of the ICO.Also, it's important to know that we financially engineered a robust profit-sharing and whales program that gives committed crypto investors the opportunity to get the lion share of our innovative ecosystem.Join us and get on board as we continue to break down walls and take crypto to mass adoption.tokensale.exmr.io


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