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SIX’s Vision Our core vision at is to provide decentralized service solutions for all stakeholders by offering a more transparent, fair, secured, and efficient ecosystem for all stakeholders in the digital and creative economies. Our roadmap to accomplish this vision is as follows: Our initial goal is to improve the lives of people through the revolution of financial services on the blockchain. WAVE 1 [Q4 2018] : To deliver a decentralized financial-services proof of concept to real businesses and creative workers The Proof of Concept (PoC) includes SIX wallet SDK, Web-based payroll with “Pay-out with SIX, micropayment architecture, and web-based multi-sig wallet WAVE 2 [Q1 2019] : To implement the majority of SIX’s features through partnerships with SIX’s developer’s communities and geographically expand with strategic partners The Springboard includes Blockchain Startup Fund, Partners and Business Development, and Community Development. WAVE 3 [Q3 2019] : To launch complex features to the public for feedbacks from real users The Public will get to use the beta version of SIX’s various complex features, including SIX’s multi-sig wallet, the Instant Pay, points and reward tokenization,  and tokenization exchange through internal DeX. WAVE 4 [Q1 2020] : To set a new standard in the digital and creative industries by making a global and open source standard of major digital assets The New Standard for major digital assets is to be created. We aim to extend the functionality of the SIX Digital Asset Wallet as follows: Digital content standard redesign from the ground up; W2W decentralized commerce; and Smart contract and new business model possibilities for each type of digital asset. WAVE 5 [Anytime soon] : To become the Sixth Necessity for the digital and creative industries The Sixth Necessity: will become the ecosystem for all the working entities and directly connect the right creators with the right audiences through the Wallet.


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