Mieum Token

26 Mar 18
30 Apr 18

The Mieum Token is a digital token project developed specifically for payment andtransaction tracking within our platform and extended network. It shall act has the onlyform of payment within our Mieum Platform for products and services.Our initial introduction of Mieum Tokens will be directly related to our website platform,once the platform has been launch and the community is using it without issues. Wewill launch our extended network, which will offer usage of the the tokens within manydifferent websites. Anyone with the ability to develop a payment system around theMieum Token will have the information available to them. Allowing for a stableexchange between the user(s) and developer(s).We are an ambitious team of highly skilled professionals, cryptocurrency maniacs andmarketing experts. Our goal is help the current community, add more value.Mieum token will be made available to our community via our Initial Release Pre-Sale.This is NOT like an ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) or ITO ( Initial Token Offering ). As aprepaid token, which is used to procure our services and products, it’s more along thelines of a prepaid functional-token launch. Similar to when you have a discount on access to an online application or service. You are getting a massive discount on ourtoken which is used for payment within our platform.With that being said, it is still going to be made available within exchanges, which willallow those members that have more than they need, allow others the opportunity touse them. This also allows our community to discover value to which we will use as abase for our platform pricing. Additionally, within this information you’ll see that wehave a minimum set for our token within the Mieum Platform, no matter what theexchanges have as a rate.The value of all cryptocurrencies are generally determined by things such as supply anddemand, perception and economic factors. This gives the Mieum Token and theblockchain market a lot of room to grow significantly, because it’s just starting out.The launch of Mieum Token has been a project we wanted to offer the community forquite sometime now, the timing needed to be right and right now is the correct time. Thepower our project holds is overwhelming when is comes to how our platform will work.Each day there are new projects, new tokens and even more new websites launchingwithin the cryptocurrency arena. Some have great visions, great intentions, but we seethem come and go time and time again. Overnight, people are losing millions without anopportunity to recover, it’s a complete nightmare.When you look at most of these projects at their core, they have a really good idea. Well,most of the time! But they seem to just get bitcoin drunk and make moves to disappearwithout a trace.Truth is … there is no reason why these “websites” and their attached tokens,blockchains or whatever they call them - shouldn’t have succeeded.We plan to create a complete transparent experience for our members, the communitythat is created around the Mieum token and allow the community grow withoutinterfering.The fact Mieum doesn’t rely on outside forces, continuous entries or additional funding -meanings there is nothing hold it back. Our services will help businesses, members andanyone attached to them.With access to our decentralized wallet and partnerships with external exchanges, you’llhave the tools need to change the way you interact with cryptocurrencies and tokens ona daily basis.


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